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Framelines Constructions


Civil structures and Projects:

period : 2001-  2015 


Examples of  Biuldings   Completed

   : square feet                                                                              



1)  A.P.S.A Vimalapura post- structural design-(S.D)

(Association for promoting school action)

School Building  : waffle & grid slabs                                                                       : 5450


2)  Visthar Banasvadi Hennur Rd-(S.D)

Guest BlockThree floor apartment                                                                         : 2400


3)  Fireflies Kanakapura Rd.-ProjectManagement-(P.D)


Gathering Hall  roof frame in wood &  steel

Guest house apartment ,Conference hall rcc pyramid roof  



4) D K Shetty Hosur Rd.-(P.D)& (S.D)

Residence curved slab in  roof & landing                                                                     :1200


5) Mr. Vasudev Mathigiri Hosur Titan colony-(S.D)

Residence      pyramidal roof clear span 40 ft                                                              : 2400


6)Mr. Ramesh Kudum-(S.D)

Residence              3 storey  villa with col & bm's                                                        : 3000





Popular Automobiles Bennaragata Rd(proposed)

commercial building  (flat slab) -(S.D)                                                                                 : 5000



N.H  Sub Div Hubli                  6 minor bridges

piers  abutments  & footings-(S.D)



Alternate Food Process ; Dodabelapur-(S.D) & (P.M)

A  submerged tank of 100,000 liter capacity    and    cost effective

effluent treatment system using   Bio-Methods for water recycling :

commissioned by DEWATS;



 Alternate food process   Dodbellapur, Dindigul with light roof

:  steel  arch roof truss   (span 75 ft    -(S.D) & (P.M)                                             




Ford Metro : garage hesergata rd: petrol bunk type metal paneled roof &other miscel. structures                                                                                                       :15000-(S.D)


12 )

4 floor apartment at Kengeri Sattellite Town footing  ,col & beam with stone clad walls.-(S.D) &(P.M)

Sructural design of 6 floor -16 unit apartment in KR Pura,




13)Rwh in a few residences including the layout at Bageerata 2nd cross

Bangalore 560060-(P.M)


14) Agarwal nylon mills : R.C.C framed industrial building

             : 9000-(S.D)


15) ASSEFA Pondicherry ; school building exposed b/w; g+1 rcc & tile

30*30 * 15  with manual   rubble-piling  for foundation                                                    : 20000-(S.D) 


16) Similar shool classrooms as above in exposed stone work /brick work

Bellary  school Bellary:-(S.D) ,  Dean school :White field  -Rwh  with waterproof channels filters and underground harvestor channels

-(S.D) &(P.M)                                                    

                 : 100 000




17) 6 floor complex Basaveshwaragar ,Victoria layout,Shantinagar

– Bangalore-(S.D)


              : 20000


18)Rebuiding of apartments and other structures

  -(S.D) &(P.M)

 – alteration to load bearing structures 

redesign and execution  of building alterations

additon of floors ;

removal of walls  and creation of larger interior space etc ;


            :8 such structures totaling

            about 20000 sft have been completed.





Scores of  other Structures  for

villas , factory s,

multistory , complexes  

schools  , hospitals   

houses ;including  special steel  and R.C.C  structures of  have been  periodically  designed  and  completed.


Reference :  

Architect Kumar;Khalid;Gautam (Center for vernacular architecture ) ;

Architect Jeet &  Stanley :Good Earth Estates;

Architect Altaf  : Universal ConsultancyLtd;

Architect : Ceejo : Liitle river architects

Architect : Shrinivas : Thoughts Architects

Architect : Yohan    : Marselies

Other indivijual owners , civil engineers , contractors & builders.


Proposal :

Most type  of steel or /RCC  structures  could  be analyzed designed  estimated and executed.;

Civil works like Rainwater harvesting ;

Water   treatment for recycling using  eco friendly ‘bio filters ‘

are detailed  and executed with good results.






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